Thursday, January 08, 2015

2014 on the Scene: Best CO Sports Moments

1 – PFM and Pot Roast come up big as Broncos beat the Patriots and advance to their seventh Super Bowl.

2 – Broncos get a bit of redemption from the Raven debacle by beating the Chargers and moving on to the AFC Championship.

3 – The CU Buffs men’s hoops team gets selected to their third straight NCAA tourney

4 – Peyton Manning breaks Brett Favre’s all time TD record in a game versus San Fran.

5 – Rockies clean their front office house and get rid of Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett.

6 – CU Buffs win a road game against the mighty UMass Minuteman in Foxboro.

7 - Avs and new coach Patrick Roy reclaim the Central Division title and return to playoffs.

8 - Kenneth Faried makes the all-tourney team as the USA claims gold at the World Hoops Cup.

9 - Vail’s Mikaela Shiffrin stars at the skiing portion of the Sochi Olympics.

10 – Broncos clinch the AFC West for the fourth straight year by beating the Chargers in San Diego.


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Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 on the Scene: Best Hip Hop Albums

1- Dilated Peoples - Directors of Photography
"We just capture the facts, Dilated never left, I'd like to welcome us back" raps Raaka Iriscience on the lead track "Directors" which is a testament to Dilated's formula: great beats, lyrics, and nothing over the top.  Production by Alchemist, DJ Premier (the highlight "Good as Gone"), and Evidence and Babu perfectly mesh Dilated with guests like Vince Staples and a decent hook by Aloe Blacc on "Show Me The Way."  The bonus cut "Hallelujah" is a classic hard to find posse cut.

2- Homeboy Sandman - Hallways
The Jonwayne produced track "America, The Beautiful" is a vivid look at a the country from a the NYC based MC, as he follows up that track with more tales, both comical and serious, and personal stories, even delving into his diet and relationships. Production is very strong and has that "grown rap" feel from DJ Spinna, Blu, Oh No. and 2 Hungry Brothers. The album finale "Enough" f/ J-Live and Kurious will have the listener wanting more.

3- Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog LP
The great mystery of Your Old Droog ("is he Nas?!") unfurled throughout the year, but when the dust settled we were left with a great collection of tracks over DJ Skizz beats ("Nutty Bars," "Free Turkey") and an MC ripe with pop culture references and abilities.    The actual LP dropped late in the year but include "Hoodie Weather" f/ Prodigy and the Larry Fisherman produced "Sleepers" in the group and it gets even stronger.

4- Ghostface Killah - 36 Seasons
So forget all about the new Wu album and concentrate on this Ghostface album if you are looking for that "classic" Wu Tang sound.  Both Kool G Rap and AZ appear on enough tracks that it could almost be a group offering.  Follow Ghost and crew on his return to Shaolin and the impressive 20 page comic book included in the liner notes.

5- Michael Christmas - Is This Art?
"I'm the school PSA, messages from Michael Christmas: put the guns away let's have some fun today, with drugs and drinking" he raps on the single (check the video) "Y'all Trippin" sets the tone for this fun album.  Make no mistake, the Boston MC can spit.  "Overweight Drake," "Leonard Washington," and "Michael Cera" all are unique tracks but still allows Christmas to shine over some production from Thelonious Martin, Teddy Roxpin, Childish Major and others.

6- Hail Mary Mallon - Bestiary
Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic are on a mission to save the old bowling alley on Main.  What better way to do that than with a "fundraiser concert!" In addition to that vein, the two play off each other so well on tracks like "Whales" which Aes brags "cops five haircuts at the same time" while Rob says his dog "makes money when he barks."

7- PRhyme - PRhyme
DJ Premier links up with a seemingly rejuvenated Royce Da 5-9 along with producer Adrian Younge's standout sample generation.  Royce isn't shy about rapping about being sober and his drinking past, and the guest list is impressive: Mac Miller has a wicked verse, along with the ever elusive Jay Electronica, Killer Mike, Common, AbSoul, and all of Slaughterhouse on the finale "Microphone Preem."

8- Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2
There isn't too much to write about RTJ2 since every blogger/critic/barista with a mustache/person with a keyboard has hailed it as the year's best.  So, in joining the chorus, El-P and Killer Mike have crafted another classic.  A guest verse from Zack De La Rocha (yes, rapping, and rapping well!) on "Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck") is a highlight.

9- Shirt - Rap (Album)
Queens based Shirt gained some traction with his "Shirt fucked Rihanna" and fake NY Times article slogan and campaign, but he should gain some fans with his full length album.  Besides having the top video of the year with "Take Off (Queens Cat)", the album is a dope work from the MC and his underrated production team.

10- Marq Spekt & Blockhead - JustPlayWitIt
Blockhead is brought in to perfectly compliment Marq Spekt's off-kilter wordplay with his trademarked production sound.  The NY producer and Philly MC get "Grilchy" throughout this joint, and get extra props for sampling "Posse On Broadway" on "Grilchy 808".

11- Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers - No Vacation For Murder
SG stalwart Zilla Rocca checks in with his latest "Noir Rap" joint, we can debate what that means, there's no question of the strength of this album.  Strong lyrics and verses from Curly Castro and Has-Lo among others fill the tracklist. "Fake Surfers" is a standout track with an exhaustive look at the fakeness of the rap and real world.

12- Dinosaur Burps - Awesome Stuff We Did When Nobody Was Looking
West Virginia's own were back with another strong indie record, complete with such songs like "Death Metal In A Minivan," "Titties Rule," "Eat My Hat," and "Nap In The Face Of Danger."  If those titles and B Rude's and their guest's seem not so serious, that's the point.

Others Receiving Votes:

Armand Hammer - Furtive Movements

Ratking - So It Goes

Apathy - Connecticut Casual

Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild - Silk Pyramids

Sadat X & Will Tell - Planet Of The Grapes

Step Brothers - Lord Steppington


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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Slushy Gutter Bowl Festivus 2014

Another year, another empty void of bowl games for Colorado fans.  While our bowl-less streak is at seven years, the Slushy Gutter streak of stupidity that is the Bowl Pick Em challenge forges on.

Follow the link below and join.  Join twice, join with Mark May, join with the entire Cub Scout troop from your area, sign up people that you don't like, sign up under witty names, sign up with lame names like "Steve's Ass Kicking Picks."  Point is, sign up and live vicariously through the 1000 other bowl teams.


GROUP ID = 2490


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Saturday, August 23, 2014

SG NFL PIck Em 2014

Again...It must be the end of summer. Because all those pesky teenagers are not around? Because there's Christmas stuff in the stores? Because your liver hurts from all that summer beer? Yes to all, but also because it's time for the annual Slushy Gutter Pick Em.

Pretty simple, sign up on Yahoo, pick games, pick your confidence, go back to sleep. As per tradition the winner of the group will get a hunk of nothing. Brag to your friends that you won the NFL Pick Em and they'll be like "but you ain't got a damn thing." But you know you are the NFL Pick Em guru, and that make you feel special.


Group ID = 21626

Password = beer


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

7evenThirty F/ Sean Price - "Hook Heavy"

Will definitely be checking for this dude 7evenThirty after this ill gem from his new album The Problem. Teaming with producer Gensu Dean, he masterfully rocks this bluesy-rock beat with a wide variety of the verbs and metaphors. And then there's SG favorite Sean Price (yep, he gets off a little jab at NYC's Hot 97), who in the words of Big Daddy Kane, could "fart on a record, and trust would sound good."


Sunday, March 16, 2014

SG Tadmania Bracket Challenge '14

Ho hum, another NCAA Touney for the Buffs.  That's three straight and more coaching fiyahhhhhh by Tad and crew.  Seriously though, anyone who has been a fan or student over the last 40 years in Boulder realizes it's just incredible what is going on with the program.  It was a hoops wasteland for the majority of that time and three straight NCAAs is almost incomprehensible.

In other words: real recognize real.

What is back again to match your wits with the hardwood is the SG Bracket Challenge.  And as always, the winner gets a fat plate of nothing, a trip to beautiful nada, and a take home prize of zilch.  Except for the title f being the baddest hoops mofo on the SG.

Slushy Gutter Brackets 14

On Yahoo (click here)

ID = 87454

Password = beer

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Bathroom Bar Art #14

FOUND BY: Commish CH
WHERE: Gunsmoke Truck Stop, Johnson Village, CO

Add your captions,comments, and analysis in the 'Comments' section


Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 For Certain: Top CO Beer Spots

2013 can certainly be remember as a year where the craft brewery really blew up across the Centennial State.  Nearly every suburban town in the Denver area has one or several, while even tiny mountain hamlets support these brew producing outposts.
The SG partook in quite a few of these throughout last year, and while I’m no beer snob or even a huge connoisseur, many are worth of mention.

Post Opening Day, the SG Crew ventured to Our Mutual Friend Brewing.  Hipster is the operative word here, but there was no record scratch as the crew walked in in Rox gear.  Beers are tasty and nothing overly fancy décor wise, with a nice laid back vibe and even “bring your own vinyl” days.

Back in the day, North Denver was simply called “North Denver” but now the area is “The Highlands” and further divided into “LoHi” and such.  In one of those areas is Prost Brewing.  A great summer spot, myself and seven time SG winner TDub spent a few German style beers watching college football at their communal tables.

Dipping into the central mountains, any true Coloradoan knows of Salida.  A riverside town with some great arts and great bar/restaurant scene.  I ventured on the requisite town bike to Moonlight Pizza, which also brews their own beers.  A slice and cold beer in their outdoor area with a late summer mountain vibe was memorable.

It’s been there for years, but Southern Sun in Boulder was the perfect post-CU Spring Game stop.  Tasty beers and even tastier entrees.  The décor is very Boulder-ish and service is uber-friendly.

I tagged along with three time SG winner JL Smooth on an all-encompassing Boulder craft tour.  Stop one was Fate Brewing, which had good beers and great appetizers.  Wasn’t your typical beer fan vibe, as there’s a family setting and a great patio.  Stop two was a beer fan honey hole: J Wells Brewing, a tiny nanobrewery in an industrial park.  Where we were served by, who else, J Wells.  The last two spots were Sanitas and Wild Woods, the first with a great outdoor area and the latter with a tasty beer selection.

It wasn’t all breweries in 13, as some old standard bar/restaurants caught the SG eye.  One of those was Ernie’s Pizza Bar in the Sunnyside neighborhood.  Reinvented over the past couple years, Ernie’s has great Italian cuisine and an extensive beer menu.

High above Nederland stands the tiny enclave of Rollinsville, blink and you might miss it.  But a quick turn into the “main drag” and you’ll see the venerable Stage Stop Inn.  Bright and roomy, complete with art, great all-day breakfast food, and a nice beer selection, it is the perfect lazy afternoon resting point.
Video gamers have flocked to 1Up in LoDo for tourneys and the like, but even us imbibers can appreciate their cold beers and old school games.  A great place on a hot Rockies’ day for a cold beer and some Skee Ball or Donkey Kong.

On the other end of the LoDo spectrum is the Viewhouse.  Massive and mainly open, the Viewhouse has the standard pub fare and cold beers of all flavors in the shadow of Coors Field.  Its giant backyard draws the pseudo Vegas daytime crowd, drinkers, and those looking to soak the Colorado sunshine.
A family summer vacation took us to Grand Lake and during nap times I was able to walk to the Lariat Saloon on the fabled Grand Lake Boardwalk.  A true dive bar that doesn’t really cater to the tourist crowd, I enjoyed a simple Coors Original.  Apparently it’s an older bar with quite the history, but was more interested in a nice conversation with the bartender and regulars.

The same trip saw a more family friendly trip to Brickhouse 40 in Granby.  A restored 40 year old brick building, it has decent food, a great interior, and cold beers.  The kids were giddy from a horseback riding session and colored away, while Mrs Commish and I babbled about who knows what in a rare lunch without endless under-five year old questions and concerns.  It was a memorable afternoon, and that’s what most of these bar trips create.  You’ll remember the conversations, the people, and the funny stories from across the thousands of watering holes in this great state.  Cheers!

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 For Certain: Top CO Sports Moments

1- Buffs’ guard Askia Booker Euro-steps his way to a buzzer beating 3-pointer as CU snaps a decade-long losing streak to the Jayhawks.
2- The Broncos and Cowboys go at it in a Jerry World sized offensive shoot out that finally sees the Broncos prevail in a game for the ages 51-48.

3- The Buffs force a fumble and scoop it up for a game clinching touchdown in the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown for Mike McIntyre’s first CU win.
4- Tad Boyle and CU avenge a loss to Oregon State four days earlier in the Pac 12 tourney in Las Vegas, ultimately netting their second straight NCAA trip and a 10 seed. 

5- Andre Miller reverses the clock and goes to the hole for a winning shot in game one of the Nuggets opening playoff series following a 57 win season.

6- Eric Decker has four TDs as the Broncos pass a critical road test in Kansas City, beating the Chiefs 35-28 and assuming control of the AFC West.
7- The Buffs avenge Sabatino Chen’s game winning overturned shot in Tucson by routing the Wildcats on St Valentine’s Day in Boulder.

8- Peyton Manning tosses touchdown number 51 to Julius Thomas in Houston against the Texans to break the single season TD mark.

9- Peyton Manning throws seven TDs and put the banner controversy in the on the back pages and beat the Ravens 49-27 in the NFL season opener.
10- CU earns it only Pac 12 football win as the  Buffs’ offense and super stud WR Paul Richardson put it on the Cal Bears in Boulder 41-24.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 For Certain: Top Hip Hop Albums

1 - Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric - Czarface
Couple beat maestro 7L with his standard partner Esoteric and you have a good combo, but add Wu alum Inspectah Deck and you have head nod central on this offering.  Guest artists like Action Bronson, Ghostface, Vinnie Paz, and Oh No shine on their respective tracks that have a comic book and old school wrestling feel punctuated with a 90’s Golden Era production.

2 - Armand Hammer – Race Music
Billy Woods and Elucid have such an undeniable chemistry, they lace the entire album with deep thinking (addiction, death, family, relationships) bars, Woods’ trademark worldview rhymes, and nary a beat that musters a skip.  Blue Sky Black Death provide the backdrop on bangers “Renaisance Garments” and “Noserfatu” while Woods frequent producer Marmaduke also provides production.

 3 - Grayskul – Zenith
“We strive for excellence, you strive for elegance” Onry Ozzborn bellows on the standout track “Face and the Fang.”  It could be the declaration for all underground Hip Hop, but also serves as the matra for Seattle based Grayskul.  Onry and JFK Ninjaface’s release yet another Fake Four stamped album with the crisp production and a highlight cameo from Aesop Rock on “Not Going Anywhere.”

4 - RA The Rugged Man – Legends Never Die
This crusty mofo took years to release new material, but it was well worth the wait.  Production galore from Buckwild, Apathy, Marco Polo, and a handful of tracks by Mr. Green, including the touching “Halo” which talks to RA’s late father. But it ain’t all serious, as the standard grimy, fuck-you, sexed up, dirty beer guzzling rhymes are ever present.

5 - Earl Sweatshirt – Doris
Say whatever the standard stereotypes about Wolf Gang or Earl and his exile in Samoa, but this album proves that they- notably Earl – have crazy mic skills.  On the flip side, Doris is dark, not a lot of happy cheering among the tracks that Earl laces alongside Tyler, The Creator, Domo Genesis, Mac Miller, and the surprising joint “Molasses” with the RZA.

6 - Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels
After last year’s R.A.P. Music set the standard, El-P and Killer Mike took it to the proverbial next level with the self titled debut.  Seriously bumping and deep grooves lay the foundation for El-P’s signature lyricism and Killer Mike’s Southern baratone.  Only two cameos, but both are well worth it: Big Boi on “Banana Clipper” and Prince Paul on “Twin Hype Back.”

7 - Qwel & Maker – Beautiful Raw
The Chicago sound comes through again on this release , as Qwel weaves tales of Chi Town and beyond.  The official press release references “thoughtful care” put into the album and at the end of a listen, it evokes just that: two artists giving a polished release to their fans.  Guest appearances from Swamburger,  Gouch of Living Legends, and a highlight verse from Qwazaar.

8 - Billy Woods – Dour Candy
Last year’s top spot holder is back – again – with producer Blockhead on a full length subsonic journey.  Woods is at his best with his many layers of sex, shows, and general city living in the every gentrifying urban corridor.  Blockhead’s production helps maintain Woods’ imagery throughout.
The highlight guest appearance is a superb Aesop Rock verse on the standout “Tumbleweed.”

9 - Doppelgangaz – Hark
Hark’s production takes the album title into account with NYC Golden Era beats, but this isn’t a tribute to the 90s.  The production and MC duo EP and Matter ov Fact spit grimey and sometimes grungey or even gross lyrics, but it never bumps into the gimmick category.  Clocking in at under 40 minutes, this album is bridged with quick instrumentals and standout tracks like “Skin Yarmulke.”

10 - Castle – Gasface
The second track “No Prep Time” with its cathedral like organ music sets the tone for Castle’s debut; a sometimes psychedelic, sometimes off kilter, always funky and clever.  The North Carolina MC/producer has a refreshing, quick, and no cameo album that seems to always leave you with a smirk.  Check “The Punisher Kills Hip Hop” for some vivid story weaving.

11 - Jonwayne – Rap Album One
Los Angeles based MC / Producer comes correct on his proper debut, a simplistic yet layered sapproach with crisp lyrics and off beat production.  The sandaled one (he even has a track titled “Sandals”) relishes the different tag, rapping “…Maury Povich, because my style has no father.”  The Scoop DeVille featured “Come Up Pt 1” and “Come Up Pt 2” are certain to get the head nodding.

12 - Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - Twelve Reasons To Die
Leave it to Ghost to think outside of the standard Wu box as he enlisted composer Adrian Younge to put together a musical offereing that mirrors a comic book and also as the soundtrack to an Italian horror film.  Standard Wu appearances from Deck, Cappadonna, U-God, and Masta Killa (on the banger “I Declare War”) even further the album’s flawless stories.

Vertual Vertigo – Come Fly With Me
Quelle Chris – Ghost At The Finish Line
Ill Bill - The Grimy Awards
Hide and Seek Zoo – Banji
Demigodz – Killmatic



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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SG Bowl Mania 2013

Colorado fans have had more than half a decade swaying in the great abyss that is non-bowl games.  That said, you can still be a Tax Slayer, a Wild Winger, a Chick Fil A, or even a Beef O' Brady in the Slushy Gutter Bowl Mania Pick Em Contest 2013!

(Or SGBMPEC13 for short)

As always, the winner gets the glory and praises of the entire football world (or at least the 30 or so people who will participate.)  Invite anyone to join, special bonus points if you leave the link on the bathroom stall at a seedy strip club.

Yahoo College Bowl Pick Em
Group ID# =  4849
Password =  beer

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rockies Go Decktober

Who doesn't love a good party deck? Chilling in the sun with a cold beverage, yacking it up wth the crew, checking out the hotties. Yep, the days of Summer are complete with a good deck. Although when said deck is at a Major League Baseball game, it throws somewhat of a big splinter into the normal deck experience. (back in the day, I used to get a kick out of simply erasing a few lines and changing "deck" into "dick" on restaurant and bar signage, ie "Come and enjoy our fully stocked outdoor bar and dick!"

Yes, the Brothers Monfort announced the complete transformation of upper right field into a party deck. Because you want partyers up there rather than, say, baseball fans. Ever trapsed up to upper right field? There's a reason it is called "upper", Sherpas and/or billy goats may be sighted. Climbing that high to "party" should mix well with alcohol and sun dresses.

The standard rage from Purp fans is to put the deck money (again, do some erasing and it's "dick money", which may be correct when discussing ownership) into the product on the field. But Brother Dick is ready for you pesky fans and slaps back that the renovation cash is coming from the stadium district. Ah yes, the stadium district. Anyone who thinks the stadium district and team that plays in said stadium aren't intertwined probably thinks ESPN and ABC are completely separate networks. Dick Boy also adds that the most this will cost the team is a "one year contract on a utility player." Because why would a team accustomed to playing long games with plenty of pinch hitters need one of those?

So while enjoying one of your 50 plus Colorado microbrews (standard microbrew at a tasting room is $5+, so at the stadium, just be prepared to give them your watch as payment), talking to some dude in a pair of boat shoes and a day glo tanktop, and ogling some chick dancing to "Gasolina", remember this is National League Baseball at its finest.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

SG NFL Pick Em 2013

It must be the end of the summer!  No, not because you are watching college co-eds move into the dorms through binoculars, but rather it is time to register for the annual SG NFL Pick Em (crowd cheers)

As always, the winner of this Pick Em gets nothing.  Yep, join the winners over the past few years and share in their massive accumulation of nada.  Maybe you can parlay the win into a commercial for Jake Jabs or some sh*t, but don't get your hopes up.

We're over on Yahoo, so holler at us, ya heard?

SG NFL Pro Pick Em

Group ID = 30182

Password = beer


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Monday, August 12, 2013

7L & Esoteric f/ Inspectah Deck - "Haz Mat Rap"

--- 7L & Esoteric joined forces with WU member Inspectah Deck and released the straight dope Czarface 2 LP earlier this year. It's been in steady SG rotation since then and most likely will make an appearance on the year end list. On point lyrics, crisp production, and hard hitting beats make it a favorite (comical skit where Eso tries to get his young son to say "czarface" without laughing." The new visual for "Haz Mat Rap" blesses the end summer Hip Hop realm and may serve as a background for all hazardous material trainging in the future.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Earl Sweatshirt - "Hive"

I can't front on Odd Future. They bring something new to the game, aren't afraid to be labelled weirdos in a genre that puts a premium on being a tough guy. Most importantly, these dudes can spit. While Tyler, The Creator gets most of the dap, the other cats go it. One of them is Earl Sweatshirt, who is on display in this ill visual and track for "Hive" (w/ Vince Staples and Casey Veggies.) Peep it...


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bathroom Bar Art #13

FOUND BY: Commish CH
WHERE: Dark Horse, Boulder CO

Add your captions,comments, and analysis in the 'Comments' section


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bohn Dry

More fun going on in Boulder, and we aren't talking about the dude who dressed as a giant dragon for the Bolder Bolder.  Mike Bohn, AD at CU, is out.  Chaos and seeminginly endless blunders, are back in.

The SG has uncovered some little known facts about the Mike Bohn firing  resignation:

-Chancellor Phil DiStephano had a $1 bet with Mortimer and Randolph on whether he could use the term "fund raising" more than 20 times at the press conference.
-CU higher ups never really jived with Bohn's constant long sleeve golf pullover/khakis/CU lanyard look.
-Word got back to President Bruce Benson that whenever Bohn passed a gargoyle statue on campus he'd say "Good monring Mr Benson."
-Bohn liked to use the term "trajectory" a lot, which always stumped DiStephano when he was doing crosswords.
-Bohn overheard Benson complaing about "this damn fax machine" and mistakenly thought he said "start a damn lax team,"  hence CU will have women's lacrosse next year.
-CU higher ups realized just how far fund raising lagged when the only thing the received in April was a box of rusty door knobs from a home remodel in Lafayette.
-Mike Bohn was planning on further capitalizing on the C-Unit success by signing 50 Cent to the group.
-Dan Hawkins' instagram photos of him bathing in tubs of CU's money was finally starting to wear on Benson.
-While Jon Embree complained of a lack of bottled water, Bohn was constantly harping on the lack of potatoes and gravy stations throughout Dal Ward.
-With Bohn receiving eight season tickets to CU football for life as aprt of the settlement, next year's attendance will improve 25%

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Action Bronson - "Strictly 4 My Jeeps"

Think back to your summer golden days, whether that be 1988, 1993, 1998, or 2005. There was always that summer banger that even when you hear nowadays, it gets the reminisce machine flowing. Here's Action Bronson with his own summer anthem for the 1-3. Cartwheels, big chicks in bikinis, eating a cake of your own face, the same Lowell Fulsom "Tramp" sample employed by EPMD and LL in "Rampage" and Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill A Man"(and countless others.) Enough fun to dub it onto a Memorex cassette, sport a Stussy cap and get it poppin in your 93 Jeep.


Friday, May 03, 2013

Kool AD & Kass - "Fresh Prince"

You really want a breakdown of what went wrong in yet another Nuggets first round playoff loss?  Nope, nope, and nope.  You want that new sh*t from Kool AD and Kass, channeling their inner Will Smith and giving us a hilarious new video and bangin track "Fresh Prince," from that Peaceful Solutions mixtape?  It's better than Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut, trust me. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

PE Brings The Noise Again

Mrs Commish laughs at me when I get goose bumps when a certain handful of rap tracks start playing.  There's only a few that literally get the hair standing and send that "ooooh shiiiiiit" chill down my spine in anticipation of what is to come.  The opening salvo to Public Enemy's "Welcome To The Terrordome" is one of those chillers.

Perhaps it's knowing that the shear musical massacre of a beat that's coming, coupled with the "hard rhymer" Chuck D's lyrics.  Maybe it's the memories of copping that Fear Of A Black Planet CD in Spring of 1990 and after seamlessly listening to tracks 1-3 (the opener and equally banging "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" and "911 Is A Joke") and then the perfect intro of "Incident at 66.6 FM" before rolling into said "Terrordome." (Although the track was dropped the previous summer, it's placement in that entire album framed it ever more poignantly than as a stand-alone single.)

Maybe it was remembering the massive swaying of the McNichols Arena crowd in September of 1990 when that beat dropped, before somewhat disintegrating as a massive fight broke out among gang bangers in the first few rows.

Whatever the cause may be it is sure to be duplicated as PE becomes the second "new school" rap group to enter the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this weekend.

While I opined that Run DMC changed my life, PE changed the way I looked at life.  It's easy for a white suburban teen of the late 80s to say how PE opened his or her eyes to an unseen world, it's almost cliche in the annals of Hip Hop history.  But, fuck it, in my case, it is damn true.

(Remember that Run DMC poster in the garage that is pretty tattered?  Yep, PE one right next to it.)

Who are these people they are talking about?  What is this injustice?  How serious of a problem is this even though it's not really going on in my neighborhood?  All questions that sought to be answered (and in some cases are still trying to be answered; as many of the topics PE addressed on each of their albums are still relevant.)

In perfect harmony with the content was the music, the beats, the samples.  Damn, the samples.  An album like any of PE's first three classics would put any record company into bankruptcy these days.  The list of samples reads like a 70s/80s soul/rock/rap/etc playlist to end all playlists.

Enter Chuck D above the fray of all else.  One of the most distinctive voices ever, and the most over-looked when the conversation of greatest ever MCs is brought up.  Sure, Chuck isn't gonna have some "oh damn, no he didn't!" metaphor, but he damn sure is gonna have that "damn, Chuck is dropping the knowledge" moment.

Mix in one Flavor Flav and his status as Hip Hop's top hypeman (and don't front on his solo efforts- "Get Off My Back" or "I Can't Do Nuthin For Ya Man", etc) and the crowd controller Terminator X (again, whose solo Valley Of The Jeep Beats contained some bangers "Homey Don't Play That" and "Buck Whylin") and you have a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame resume like no other.

Yes, 2013.  PE still fighting the power, still bringing the noise, still rebels without a pause.  Just officially.